Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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Whether you are obese or overweight, it’s important that you lose weight to reduce your risk of developing medical conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes—and a visit to our medical weight loss clinic. If you lose even 10% of your body weight, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing those diseases. Those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can even lose enough weight that they can manage their condition more effectively. Visiting a medical weight loss clinic can help you create a plan that includes both diet and exercise to get rid of those extra pounds.

Types of Weight Loss Programs

There are a few different types of weight loss programs that you can try. Many clinics offer a stabilization plan that helps you get down to a manageable weight. You can then enroll in a maintenance program that teaches you how to maintain a healthy weight. Many programs offer individualized weight loss counseling sessions that let you meet in privacy with a licensed counselor. That counselor will talk with you about your past, when you started putting on weight, and what you tried in the past to lose weight. You may even learn stress reduction techniques and coping mechanisms for handing stressful situations. Those sessions will continue even after you hit your target weight and can be especially helpful when you hit a plateau and have a hard time losing more weight.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Your body mass index (BMI) is what determines if you are overweight or obese. To determine your BMI, you need to factor in both your height and weight. Some scales also look at your age. Getting down to a healthy BMI is the key to any weight loss program. You and your counselor may create a series of weight loss goals to help you lose that weight easier. Instead of trying to lose 50 pounds all at once, you’ll work on losing five to 10 pounds and then another five pounds. Creating more realistic goals can also help you feel better about passing each one. While some lose 20 pounds or less on one of these programs, others lose more than 100 pounds. The total amount that you can lose typically depends on the amount you weigh when you start and how much both you and your doctor determine that you need to lose.


How Long Will It Take?

There is no magic cure or solution to losing weight. You need to cut back on the total amount of calories you eat daily and get more exercise. Those who weigh more when they first start will lose more in the first week and all subsequent weeks. Your weight loss counselor will help you decide how much you want to lose each week to reach your target weight in a healthy time period, and will provide you with realistic expectations for your situation.

Meal Plans

Many medical weight loss clinics now use diet plans that help you reach your goals without spending a lot of extra time. If you have limited time in your schedule and seldom cook at home, you can get tips for quick and low calorie meals. Many weight loss plans also include healthy snacks that you can eat between meals, so that you are not hungry. Other programs include recipes that you can make at home that your whole family will love. These recipes use ingredients that you can easily find in any grocery store.


Special Programs

Not everyone wants to lose weight so they can look better. Some sign up for these programs because they have medical conditions that will improve with weight loss. Medical clinics now offer special weight loss programs for diabetics who cannot have sugar, those who have a gluten intolerance, and even those who follow a low fat or low sugar diet. Your doctor can use your medical history and create a unique plan designed just for you. Other special programs are available for men, women, and even younger or older patients who want to lose weight.

Some patients also experience results from hCG injections and other medical weight loss methods. Your doctor will help you determine the best option for you.

For a convenient way to lose weight and to get some professional help, contact a medical weight loss clinic in your area. With medical assistance and a plan that is easy to follow, you can lose all the weight you need to in order to be healthy and content.

  • *Consultation Policy:
    Silicon Valley Aesthetics offers 15-minute complimentary consultations for all treatments except for Coolsculpting®. Patients that do not show up to their scheduled consultations will be charged a $50 no-show/cancellation fee due prior to the next booking.  Coolsculpting® consultations have a booking fee of $50. The $50 fee is non-refundable and may only be applied towards your Coolsculpting® purchase, only if purchased within 30 days of your initial consult. If you miss your appointment or purchase after the 30-day deadline, the $50 is forfeited.
    *Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results for this program, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary according to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.