Are Medical Spa Lasers Safe?

Medical spa lasers are used to provide an assortment of cosmetic procedures, with hair removal being one of the most common services. If you do your homework and choose a spa with a trained and attentive staff that knows how to properly use such equipment and tools, medical spa lasers can be both safe and effective when you choose to treat yourself to a procedure.

Choosing the Right Medical Spa Laser

The main difference between medical spa lasers is the wavelength emitted by the laser that’s in the device. Safety is greatly increased when medical spas select the appropriate type of laser based on the customer’s skin tone and desired treatment, with commonly used lasers including:

  • Ruby laser: One of the oldest and most reliable laser hair-removal systems, this laser emits shorter wavelengths, which makes it safer for use on people with fairer or lighter skin.
  • Diode laser: A newer type of laser, this system emits longer wavelengths that penetrate deep into hair follicles to reduce the risk of skin damage.
  • Nd:YAG laser: A weaker melanin absorption makes this laser system safer for people with darker skin, although more treatments may be required to achieve the desired results.

Studies on Medical Spa Laser Safety

A 2006 review of two extensive studies on spa laser safety found that such procedures, when carried out by trained professionals, are safe. The review also noted low incidences of permanent damage and other adverse reactions. A 2014 study on lasers using CO₂ technology for facial treatments found that single treatments were well-tolerated and there were no significant complications.

Taking Precautions During Procedures

Safety is also increased when you take proper precautions while undergoing any type of medical spa treatment to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. Most spa employees who are properly trained will encourage customers to take the following safety precautions during procedures:

  • Reporting any medical issues, especially skin conditions
  • Requesting to stop the procedure if any unusual discomfort is felt
  • Asking questions ahead of time to know what to expect

A major factor in the safe use of medical spa lasers is selecting the right treatment for your skin. A licensed professional should be able to recommend a procedure that’s right for you. In general, medical spa lasers are be perfectly safe as long as they are operated by professionals who understand what precautions need to be taken when applying such treatments.

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