Laser Vein Treatment


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    Laser Vein Treatment

    With laser technology, we have a very effective method for treating spider veins. At Silicon Valley Aesthetics, we use specialized lasers with a unique ability to target selective blood vessels while leaving surrounding tissues alone. With this non-invasive, effective, and safe method, clients can enjoy diminished appearance of spider veins, fine facial veins, and large leg veins.

    How does it work?*

    During a treatment session, laser light is absorbed by the targeted veins. This gently heats the vessels and causes the blood in the vessels of the vein’s walls to collapse and then seal. The body then reabsorbs the blood vessels in a natural healing process. The result is veins that become invisible over time.

    Our laser vein treatment can be used for veins and visible vessels all over the body ranging from mild to severe, and is effective for most skin tones and types.

    What should I expect?*

    A laser vein treatment takes approximately 15 minutes. There is only mild discomfort that feels similar to small pinches on your skin.

    You will begin noticing significant results in about two to six weeks following your treatment, with full results after a few months.* You may need more than one laser vein treatment, depending on the size of the area that is being treated and how visible your veins are.

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    *Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results for this program, and results may vary.
    reveal flawless skin
    quick & comfortable

    Treatments are fast, with minimal discomfort, and no need for invasive procedures.

    targeted treatment

    Our lasers precisely target the affected veins, leaving surrounding skin untouched.

    long-term results

    Enjoy clear, vein-free skin with results that last, giving you long-term relief and confidence.

    customized care

    Visible veins, whether they’re spider veins or varicose veins, can affect not just your appearance but your confidence and comfort. Our laser vein treatment uses targeted laser energy to gently yet effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted veins, restoring the natural beauty of your skin.

    From tiny spider veins to larger varicose veins, our technology is suited for treating a wide range of vein issues. And you can resume your daily activities shortly after treatment, with little to no downtime.

    vein-free beauty

    If visible veins have you covering up and feeling self-conscious, our advanced laser vein removal services provide a safe, effective solution. Embrace the freedom of flawless skin and step out with confidence.

    Transforming your skin is our passion. Our laser vein treatment is just one of the many ways we’re committed to helping you look and feel your best. Trust us to provide safe, effective treatment solutions that cater to your individual needs, helping you move forward with confidence and without visible veins.

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