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Botox Packages: Patients are permitted to bank ONE package of Botox. Patients may NOT bank more than 40 units of Botox at the promotional price, this applies to ALL of our patients and there are no exceptions. Packages cannot be co-mingled with any other promotion or previously banked services or products. Thank you for your cooperation. *Please be aware that any purchase(s) made online exceeding the max amount of 40 units will only be credited for the 40 Units, the remaining paid value will be credited into your SVA account as spa credit.

Botox Promotions for Site Areas: Patients may bank as many areas as they would like, there is no cap. Any remaining units from your purchased area may be banked for future use and do not expire. The units will only pertain to the area you purchased them for and are non-transferable. The units banked per area cannot be used for another area, no exceptions. If the maximum amount of units purchased per area are exceeded, the charge for additional units will be at the regular price of $12.50 per unit.


Cannot be co-mingled, shared or transferred; Patients may upgrade Dermal-Fillers only when purchased as a single syringe; Patients may not upgrade if it was purchased in a package and the package has been broken (partially used) no exceptions. All left over product will be discarded.


Laser Packages:

Laser treatments cannot be co-mingled with other promos, shared or transferred. Packages may not be shared. Patients must be 16 years or older to be treated. Treatment for laser procedures may be refused if patient has been tanning or have used topical tanning products. Appointments are required and subject to availability. Patients who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant will not be treated this applies for most treatments.


No-show and Cancellation Policy:

If you are a “no-show” for your scheduled appointment a fee of $50 will be due prior to your next scheduled appointment. Appointments that need to be canceled or re-scheduled must notify us 24 hours in advance. Any appointment cancellation or appointment changes within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time will result in a fee of $50. Late arrivals may need to be rescheduled (15 min +) $50 fee applies. Policy is fully enforced please be mindful when scheduling; If you do not pay we have the right to forfeit pre-paid services equal to $50 paid.


No-Refund Policy:

All sales are final. We do not issue refunds; Patients may receive spa credit only.

If you wish to discontinue a treatment or change your mind you may use the credit towards other services we provide only if you have been re-assessed by your provider, spa credit may not be used towards promotional prices. Product purchases are non-returnable and final sale. Payment is collected at the time of scheduled appointment. Full payment must be collected and may not be made in installments. We reserve the right to limit quantities and services sold to each customer. Care Credit may be used to purchase and must be done at the clinic. If patient does not have a Care Credit account, please inquire with a Silicon Valley Aesthetics associate.


Consultation Policy:

Silicon Valley Aesthetics offers 15 minute complimentary consultations for all treatments except for Coolsculpting®. Patients that do not show up to their scheduled consultations are charged with a $50 No-show/Cancellation fee due prior to your next booking. Coolsculpting® consultations have a booking fee of $50. The $50 fee is non-refundable and may only be applied towards your Coolsculpting® purchase only if you purchase within 30 days of your initial consult. If you miss your appointment or purchase after the 30-day dead-line you forfeit your $50.


PDO Threading

Each PDO area is limited to a certain amount of PDO threads. Patients who exceed the limit cap of threads will have an additional charge of $150/thread. In order to take advantage of the additional 20-25% discount on promotions, patients must purchase 3 or 4 areas and they must be purchased in one transaction. Other-wise, choosing to purchase an additional area after your transaction is complete will result as a charge of a single treatment, at regular/promotional price, no exceptions. Patients may purchase PDO Threading at regular price with their spa credit; spa credit may not be used on promotional prices per the spa credit utilization policy.


Loyalty Rewards Program

SVA Loyalty rewards program offers the opportunity to earn points with every purchase made. Patients earn 10 points for every $100 they spend. Patients who spend less than $100 are not eligible to earn any points. Once you make a purchase of $100 you can begin to accumulate points, however if a patient spends $150 the remaining $50 are forfeited and do not roll over to the next purchase. Points are redeemable towards any purchase and expire annually on December 31st of that year, if patient does not redeem points within this time frame, patient forfeits all points. Points are redeemable during the checkout process (over-the-phone or in person), are non-transferable, and are not redeemable for cash.


The following is a breakdown of how the rewards can be redeemed:


Membership Level $100 spent = 10 Points Earned Reward
Silver 100+ Points $50 Discount
Gold 200+ Points $100 Discount
Platinum 500+ Points $250 Discount
Diamond 1000+ Points $500 Discount



We appreciate all referrals, so if you refer a friend to us who gets a treatment, you may be eligible for a discount on your next treatment at Silicon Valley Aesthetics. Your friend must mention your name as the referral source when completing their intake paperwork. Some restrictions apply, call for details.


Qualifications for Referrals

In order to qualify for our referral discounts shopper must meet all the required qualifications: Your referral must be a “New Patient” and MUST mention your name on their intake form given to them at their first appointment. If your referral moves forward with a purchase you are eligible to receive 15% OFF the cost of laser treatment and 10% OFF the cost of an injectable treatment. In order to redeem you must notify front desk at the time of purchase.


Buddy Special

Appointments are fun with a friend! If you and a friend book your treatment appointments back to back on the same day, you both may be eligible to receive 15% OFF the cost of laser treatment and 10% OFF the cost of an injectable treatment received that day. Some restrictions apply, call for details.


Qualifications for Buddy Special

In order to qualify for our “Buddy Special” shoppers must meet all the required qualifications: One of the two shoppers must be a “New Patient” to the SPA and you must both purchase on the same day at the same time*.

*Please be sure to plan and schedule ahead of time.




In order to receive an SVA Gift Card (when applicable) your purchase must meet the required qualifications: Shopper must spend $1000 or more on a single transaction; Patients may not combine previous purchases; Transaction must be done on the same day for the amount of $1000 or more. Please note that not all promos offer our “SPA Gift Card” perk. Patients who receive a GC are still eligible to participate in raffles and giveaways provided by the SPA.

  • *Consultation Policy:
    Silicon Valley Aesthetics offers 15-minute complimentary consultations for all treatments except for Coolsculpting®. Patients that do not show up to their scheduled consultations will be charged a $50 no-show/cancellation fee due prior to the next booking.  Coolsculpting® consultations have a booking fee of $50. The $50 fee is non-refundable and may only be applied towards your Coolsculpting® purchase, only if purchased within 30 days of your initial consult. If you miss your appointment or purchase after the 30-day deadline, the $50 is forfeited.
    *Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results for this program, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary according to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.