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Laser Rosacea Treatment


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    Laser Rosacea Treatment

    At Silicon Valley Aesthetics, we offer the 532 Laser Peel by Spectra for skin rejuvenation. This laser is an option for clients who suffer from rosacea, and is also effective for cutaneous photoaging and unwanted epidermal pigmentation. This laser option is more aggressive than the Spectra peel.

    What is rosacea?

    Rosacea is a common skin condition that results in redness. Clients with rosacea often flush or blush more easily than others. The redness can start at the cheeks and nose but spread to other areas of the face and chest.

    How does it work?*

    The laser is absorbed by the red blood cells in your skin, and it reduces the visible blood vessels. This leaves you with a more even skin tone with significantly less redness.* Many clients see results from laser rosacea treatment for months, and sometimes years*, following their treatment.

    The number of treatments that you need depends on your degree of redness, but our clients typically need anywhere from two to eight laser treatments.

    Am I a candidate?

    The 532 laser peel is best for clients with lighter skin types of 1 and 2 and should not be used for clients with skin types 3 through 6. Please call Silicon Valley Aesthetics to schedule an appointment for your skin typing consultation.
    before & after
    Rosacea1-before Rosacea1-after
    Rosacea2-before-1 Rosacea2-after
    Rosacea3-before Rosacea3-after
    *Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any results for this program, and results may vary.
    reveal your best skin
    targeted redness reduction

    Precisely calibrated lasers effectively reduce the facial redness characteristic of rosacea.

    minimized visible vessels

    Say goodbye to noticeable blood vessels and welcome a more even complexion.

    soothed inflammation

    Laser treatment gently alleviates the underlying inflammation that contributes to rosacea symptoms.

    Balanced, Beautiful Skin

    Living with rosacea can be a daily struggle, affecting not just your skin but your confidence as well. Our Laser Rosacea Treatment offers a new beginning, utilizing targeted laser energy to soothe inflammation, minimize redness, and restore your skin’s natural serenity.

    Enjoy significant improvements without the need for invasive procedures or extensive downtime. And with a personalized approach, every treatment is tailored to address your unique skin concerns, ensuring optimal outcomes.

    your journey to clearer skin

    Our mission goes beyond surface-level treatments. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive dermatological care that addresses the root causes of skin conditions like rosacea. Our advanced Laser Rosacea Treatment is a testament to our commitment to your skin health, offering a safe, effective solution to one of dermatology’s most persistent challenges.

    Ready to transform your skin and boost your confidence? Contact Silicon Valley Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation. Discover how our Laser Rosacea Treatment can help you achieve lasting relief from rosacea and reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

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