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Botox for the Holidays


The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of others, so it is normal to want to look your best. While you may be satisfied by throwing on a sparkly party dress and a fresh lipstick, there are other enhancements that can really get you in a festive mood. One easy and affordable procedure is Botox treatment.

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable that causes the muscles to become temporarily paralyzed. Once paralyzed, the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles is minimized. It is most commonly injected in areas to reduce the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows, along the corners of the eyes (crows feet), and in the forehead. Botox is very safe, and is the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

What to Expect

If you are ready for a little rejuvenation before the holiday season, Botox can give you results in a few days that will last through the long winter months. Your healthcare provider will start by diluting the Botulinium toxin with saline. He will then inject it directly into the tissue you want to relax. The effects of the injection are seen within 24 to 72 hours after injection. By day five, the full effect of the injection will be apparent.

Questions and Concerns

Botox injections are generally well tolerated. Some people do experience side effects, but they are generally mild and pass quickly. Some side effects include pain, fluid build-up, or redness at the injection site, numbness, flu-like symptoms, or headaches. Some people feel unwell after the injection, experiencing nausea or fatigue. Individuals may also experience trouble swallowing, and weakness in the neck.

It is important to remember that these side effects are rare, and the issues generally resolve themselves quickly. Botox injections are remarkably safe, and are the most common non-surgical enhancement available. In 2015, for example, 6.7 million people received Botox injections. This is significantly more than the 1.3 million who received chemical peels and the roughly 800,000 that underwent microdermabrasion. Compared to all other enhancement procedures, Botox is still at the top, with more people receiving Botox injections than underwent breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction combined.

Updating your look with Botox for the holidays is a great way to erase the appearance of fatigue that is often part of the holiday season. You can greet your guests and attend your parties looking as fresh and young as you feel.

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