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Enhancing Your Juvederm Results


The purpose of Juvederm treatment is to restore facial contours and reverse or minimize signs of aging. While many people do experience the desired results with this type of dermal filler, there are additional steps that can be taken that may enhance the results and minimize the risk of developing significant wrinkles and lines in the future. One increasing popular option is what’s known as “face yoga,” a short, daily routine designed to reduce facial tension, smooth your skin, and fight wrinkles.

Jawline Toning

Sagging skin below your chin or jawline, also referred to as jowls, is often treatable with Juvederm. Still, it never hurts to add some more tone to your jawline. The face yoga move to achieve this goal is sometimes referred to as “kiss the sky.” It’s done by tilting your head upwards and making a kissing motion with your lips. Your jawline/neck area can also be toned by:

  • Tilting your neck upwards to strengthen your chin and neck (the “bird lady” pose)
  • Breathing deeply as you inhale and hold briefly as you puff up your cheeks
  • Lifting your neck upward as you turn your head to one side and then the other

Facial Tension Release Exercises

Tense facial muscles may minimize the results you seen from Juvederm treatment. Reduce the risk by releasing facial tension and increasing circulation. Poor circulation when combined with facial tension often contributes to wrinkle formation. With one face yoga exercise for this purpose, you’ll make a lion’s face by holding your hands at the top of your head, closing your eyes, and opening your mouth as you extend your tongue. Hold for 30 seconds as you contract all of your muscles. Another simple move involves opening your eyes as wide as possible and holding that position for about a minute.

Facial Smoothing Exercises

Maintaining a smooth face is the key to maximizing your results with Juvederm treatments. One way to do this is by doing deep yoga breaths as you make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks. Doing so will stimulate your “smile muscles.” Keep your eyes open wide while relaxing the rest of your face. Additional face smoothing exercises involve:

  • Placing your hands on the sides of your forehead as you gently slide your fingers up and down while relaxing your forehead muscles
  • Tilting your head to one side as you use one the hand on that same side to lift your eyebrow on the other side – hold for 20-30 seconds and switch sides
  • Placing two fingers on your crow’s feet area and applying gentle pressure – but don’t pull or stretch

Research has shown a link between stress and premature wrinkles, which is a compelling reason to go beyond face yoga and explore traditional types of yoga that target body and mind. Being less stressed and anxious also means you’re less likely to be frowning or furrowing your brow, further reducing your odds of developing deep lines on your forehead and around your mouth and nose after the effects of Juvederm treatment wear off.

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