How to Prepare for a Medical Spa Treatment

Although the best way to prepare for a medical spa appointment can vary depending on the treatment that you receive, there are still a few guidelines that should be considered. Here are some tips that are sure to promote a smooth medical spa treatment.

Arrive to the Appointment Early

Since many skin and laser treatments require some preparation, you should arrive to the spa at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. Arriving to the spa early enables you to check-in with the receptionist, complete any necessary paperwork, and prepare appropriately for the treatment in an unrushed setting. If you have to reschedule unexpectedly, give your cancellation as far in advance as possible.

Ask Questions About the Treatment

In order to ensure a beautiful, natural, and painless cosmetic transformation, collaboration between the client and professional is extremely important. As a result, you should try to understand the entire process before the treatment. Some treatments may result in redness or minor discomfort, so consider asking about the possibility of unpleasant side effects. Additionally, make sure that you inform the medical spa about your current medications and prior treatments. The professional may ask you to discontinue taking certain medications to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Reduce Distractions

When the cell phone is turned off before the appointment, you will be able to communicate more effectively with your professional. Frequent cell phone usage can severely compromise your opportunity to ask questions, relay preferences, and discuss opinions. Because professionals often educate their patients during the appointment, talking and texting on the phone can greatly hinder the treatment.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Although many medical spa treatments are designed to promote beauty and wellness, you should still arrive to the appointment clean but without excess products. For example, before your scheduled treatment, you can shower but should try to avoid using products with a strong fragrance.

Follow All Treatment Instructions

Following all of the instructions that are provided by the medical spa staff will ensure a smooth treatment. Depending on the treatment, the professionals may ask to you to stop smoking or drinking and discontinue certain medications before the appointment. The medical spa staff may also suggest that you avoid wearing lotion, moisturizer, deodorant, and makeup in the treatment area.

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