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Laser Hair Removal Areas


Laser hair removal damages hair follicles in a way that impedes or prevents future growth. It’s a beneficial treatment for anyone wishing to avoid the tedious tasks of waxing, shaving, and other forms of temporary hair removal. While practically any part of the body can be treated with laser hair removal techniques, some areas are more commonly treated than others.


Even if you’re normally careful, shaving your legs regularly often means occasionally dealing with razor burn and other irritations that can affect skin. There’s also the possibility of unintentional cuts and other sources of discomfort. With laser hair removal, you can enjoy smooth legs that are hair-free without the burden of regular upkeep and the associated risks.

Bikini Line

At one time, the bikini line was considered to be the line just under where a bikini typically rests when worn. Today, it generally includes any area where pubic hair normally grows where a bikini usually covers. Because of the sensitive nature of these areas, many people find waxing too painful; and shaving can be equally unpleasant. Laser hair removal is a gentle and effective way to get ready for bikini season.

Upper Lip and Chin

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing if it’s in highly visible places. Two of these places are the upper lips and chin, especially for women. Fortunately, laser hair removal treatments can treat these areas well and leave you with smooth upper lips and a whisker-free chin. Even if you opt for natural upper lip hair removal methods, these techniques can be time-consuming. While you may need more than one laser hair removal treatment, the results can be long-lasting.


If you have thick or highly visible underarm hair, you may shy away from wearing tank tops or other clothing that tends to be more comfortable and cool in the summer months. Laser hair removal treatments can be adjusted and administered in a way that effectively removes armpit hair.

You can also have laser hair removal treatments for the purpose of zeroing in on your own specific problem areas, which you’ll have a chance to discuss during your initial consultation. For some people, troublesome spots include the back, sensitive areas around ears, and visible areas like arms. Typically, laser hair removal works best on individuals with thick, coarse, and dark hair. However, it’s often possible to personalize a treatment plan and address more unique hair removal challenges.

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