The Best Nighttime Skin Routine


Learn the best skincare tips from professionals, and keep your skin silky smooth and young:

1: Cleanse Your Skin Each Night

It is important to have a nightly skin care regimen to keep your facial and body skin looking beautiful. One of the worst things that you can do at night is to leave your makeup on your face because the foundation will seep into your skin’s pores, leading to inflammation. If you forget to cleanse your face each night before going to bed, then you will likely develop unsightly blemishes such as blackheads. Make sure to wash your face with a mild foaming cleanser while using your fingertips to wash away the excess facial oils along with a buildup of debris such as dead skin cells. It is acceptable to wash your facial skin while you take a shower, but avoid using regular body soap on your face because it can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

2: Use Toner to Reduce the Size of Facial Skin’s Pores

After cleansing your face, use a toner to remove the additional facial oil or debris. Make sure to choose a toner product that is formulated for your skin type. There are several types of skin, including:

  • Sensitive
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Normal

If you tend to develop pimples on your nose or forehead, then use a stronger formula of toner on these areas, but avoid using the same type of toner on the dry skin that is located along your cheekbones. When you have dry or sensitive skin, you might only need to use toner occasionally to remove heavy layers of makeup. However, if you have a lot of acne on your face, then use a toner that contains ingredients that are designed to eliminate pimples.

3: Moisturize Your Skin Each Night

If you have aging or dry skin, then applying creams or lotions to your facial or body skin is imperative. To prevent an allergic reaction, choose a lotion or cream that has no dyes or fragrances. Avoid rubbing your facial or neck skin harshly while applying moisturizing products. In addition, use moisturizers sparingly to avoid getting it onto your hair or pillowcase. When you need to apply a moisturizer around your eyes, make sure to buy one that won’t cause any discomfort to your eyes. In addition to moisturizing your face, take time to apply lotion to other areas of your body, including your feet, elbows or knees.

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