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Removing unwanted hair is something that many individuals strive for on a regular basis, and often seek out the best laser hair removal options. Laser hair removal is the process by which hair is removed using pulses of intense light. The laser is directed into the follicle, which absorbs the light. This destroys the hair follicle and prohibits its return, unlike many other hair removal methods. Laser hair removal has been a reliable alternative to shaving or waxing for many years and it is only growing in popularity as technology advances into the future.

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Some of the benefits to laser hair removal include both its speed and accuracy. Each pulse of light takes only a split second and can also target many hairs at the same time. For someone seeking to remove hair from a large portion of his or her body, this can be a huge advantage over methods such as using tweezers or electrolysis. In addition, the accuracy of laser hair removal is incredible. Lasers can target darker hairs while leaving surrounding skin untouched. Furthermore, after approximately 3-7 sessions, most individuals achieve the goal of permanent hair loss with minimal to no regrowth.


There are several things that can be done to prepare for a laser hair removal session. As with anything, there are risks involved which can be greatly reduced with a skilled technician in charge.

An individual who is considering this procedure should avoid any other hair removal technique (besides shaving) for at least six weeks before his or her appointment. This allows the hair follicle to grow to an appropriate length for the laser to target with the most efficiency. Lasers target the roots of individual hairs, so using a method that will pull out the roots will be detrimental to the procedure’s overall success.


What to Expect

Walking into a laser hair removal procedure for the first time can be intimidating if an individual is not prepared for what will happen. First, the technician will likely provide eye protection for both him or herself and the patient. This is due to the fact that a laser can have adverse side effects on a person’s eyesight if his or her eyes come into direct contact with the beam. Next, the technician will apply a cooling gel to the skin in order to aid the laser in penetrating the hair follicle. Finally, the hair removal process will begin with the technician concentrating the laser on quarter-sized areas of skin at a time.

When the procedure is complete, the patient will be provided with ice packs if needed and after-care instructions will be given. The treated area may feel as though it has been sun-burned for a few days after the procedure. This is a normal side effect of laser hair removal and nothing to be concerned over.

After Care

After care is also an important consideration when having a laser hair removal procedure done. Immediately following the laser treatment, moisturizer should be applied frequently to speed up the recovery process. Though it may be tempting, try to avoid waxing or tweezing before appointments. This will prohibit the laser from completely destroying the hair follicle and will actually allow hair to grow back at a quicker rate. Additionally, try to touch the area that was treated with the laser as minimally as possible while it heals. Avoiding prolonged sun exposure for six weeks after treatment will not only slow regrowth of the hair follicle, but will also help to prevent any potential health complications related to the removal process.


In conclusion, laser hair removal can offer many benefits to individuals looking for a permanent solution to the nuisance of getting rid of unwanted hair. There are many benefits to the procedure, including its precision and speed, and minimal risk of regrowth. Being prepared for the procedure will help calm a patient’s nerves and will allow for an overall much more enjoyable experience than if her or she goes into the appointment unaware of what will take place.

It is important for a potential patient to do adequate research and talk with their doctor beforehand to make sure they are comfortable. The laser technique is the best option for semi-permanent to permanent hair removal and can provide lasting effects in a short amount of time with minimal discomfort to the individual having this procedure done. Contact us to learn more about the best laser hair removal.

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