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IPL Facial Treatment in Silicon Valley


IPL facial treatment in Silicon Valley is a type of non-invasive procedure.

It is primarily used to treat different skin concerns. There are six skin issues it is frequently used for. It helps these conditions by encouraging natural healing via the penetration of light pulses that are of high intensity.

Acne Control

This treatment may be helpful for acne because it is able to target bacteria. In particular, the green and yellow lights are able to destroy the bacteria. Overactive sebaceous glands are targeted by the red light. This not only helps to reduce the incidence of pimples in the future, but it can aid in clearing current blemishes. It can be beneficial for various blemish types, from whiteheads to cystic acne. Acne scarring may also benefit from this therapy since it is able to promote collagen production.

Alleviate Rosacea Redness

When someone has this skin condition, blood vessels show through the skin and redness is common. In some cases, small bumps are also present. They tend to be red and have pus in them. IPL has proven to be especially helpful for all three of these symptoms. It may take up to four weeks and more than one treatment for results.

Look Younger

IPL facial treatment in Silicon Valley is a treatment those seeking to turn back the clock may consider. This therapy is able to trigger collagen production via deep skin penetration. The skin is about 80 percent collagen (a protein that provides the skin’s strength).


As people age, less collagen is produced. Elastin also changes. This results in a variety of total skin changes:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores

This treatment is able to target these issues. Its ability to affect the superficial and deep skin layers while triggering collagen production helps to lessen the overall look of all five of these age-related skin changes. In the end, the skin looks smoother and plumper.

Improve Seborrheic Keratosis

This condition occurs as light tan, brown, or black growths. They typically develop on the chest, back, face, or shoulders. When they are small and on the skin’s surface, IPL can be helpful for improving their appearance.

Remove Spider Veins

IPL facial treatment in Silicon Valley is a common therapy for spider veins. It is able to collapse the veins by heating them. This results in scar tissue formation. Several weeks following a session, the body absorbs the treated veins.

Better Skin Texture

One common reason for this treatment is to improve the overall texture of the skin. This therapy is able to deeply penetrate the skin, targeting the deeper layers along with the superficial ones. This aids in triggering collagen growth. It may help to reduce the following texture issues:

  • Roughness
  • Enlarged pores
  • Sun spots
  • Skin irregularities

Those considering IPL facial treatment in Silicon Valley for these conditions should be evaluated by a professional They will be able to help patients determine if this treatment is ideal for their skin issues.

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