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IPL Treatment for Rosacea in San Jose


Throughout the world, it is estimated that 415 million people suffer from rosacea.

This skin condition usually begins by affecting the face and causing redness. Over time, it can spread to the back and chest, as well as the distant facial areas. In addition to redness, patients may also develop small bumps that are red and contain pus, an enlarged nose and eye problems.

The cause of rosacea remains unknown. But there are different management options, including IPL treatment for rosacea in San Jose.

What is IPL Treatment for Rosacea in San Jose?

This treatment is intense pulsed light therapy. It is a treatment option for those with rosacea. It is similar to laser therapy, except with IPL, the light is like a photo flash instead of a single wavelength. There are multiple wavelengths used with IPL. It is able to keep the epidermis safe while penetrating it and working on the dermis. This makes it possible to reap the benefits of this therapy without causing significant skin damage.

The light energy is absorbed by the skin’s pigment cells. The energy is then transformed into heat to destroy the unwanted pigment, which in the case of rosacea, is the redness.


Preparing for a Session

The patient’s skin is examined, and they are provided with any pre-procedure instructions. Certain skincare products or medications may need to be temporarily halted for a specified time before having IPL therapy. The following may need to be avoided:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Waxing
  • Collagen injections
  • Vitamin A-containing skin products
  • Tanning beds
  • Chemical peels
  • Medications that promote bleeding

What to Expect

IPL treatment for rosacea in San Jose begins with the specialist cleansing the treatment area. They then apply a cool gel. At this point, the IPL device is used to treat the area. The patient’s eyes are protected by wearing special goggles.

While the treatment is happening, patients may feel stinging. This is often compared to what it feels like when a rubber band snaps.

On average, patients will spend 20 to 30 minutes having this treatment. Three to six sessions might be necessary to achieve the patient’s desired results. In most cases, each session is done 30 days after the one before it. This is important because the skin needs time to heal before undergoing more IPL therapy.

Risks and Recovery

Patients do not have downtime following this procedure. They are typically able to resume their normal life. Immediately following a session, the skin may look red and slightly swollen. Some sensitivity is possible for a couple of days. Patients may be instructed to wait for their skin to heal before using hot water.

For up to 48 hours, the redness and swelling may be present. Other side effects are not common, but they may include:

These should be immediately reported to the patient’s doctor. IPL treatment for rosacea in San Jose may help to alleviate the redness and other symptoms.

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