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Laser Acne Scar Removal in San Jose


Acne scars can be detrimental for someone’s confidence.

Laser acne scar removal in San Jose is an option for those wanting to make their skin look clearer. There are a few different laser treatments to explore before settling on the one that may best benefit the patient.

Fraxel Laser

This type of laser works to alter skin texture. It is one of the lasers most often utilized for patients hoping to alleviate their acne scars. This treatment has the ability to work on thousands of microscopic skin areas. The beams go below the skin’s surface and they are precise. This helps to eliminate cells that are damaged and old. The body’s natural healing process is stimulated, helping to promote healthier, smoother skin.

Patients can typically see some of the results right away after completing a session. However, results are also progressive and can occur for up to six months following treatment.

Carbon Dioxide Laser

This option for laser acne scar removal in San Jose is relatively new and very precise. It uses continuous light beams or short-pulsed light energy in a scanning pattern. Thin layers of skin are removed, but the surrounding structures experience little to no heat damage. It may take up to three weeks to fully heal from treatment. Patients typically report noticing a difference in their skin after one session.

Fractional Laser

This treatment works on the top two layers of skin. It works to promote collagen formation and to remodel collagen that is already present. The doctor is able to focus on the scarred areas so that healthy skin is left alone. Results occur over up to four months after treatment.



This option for laser acne scar removal in San Jose is a relatively new technology. It works by resurfacing the skin to create a smoother, healthier texture and look. The areas where acne scars are present are where the pin-sized laser is directed. This ensures that only the scarred areas are affected by the laser, leaving healthy skin unaffected. Both deeper and superficial tissues can be treated.

Active and Deep FX

Both of these laser options work to resurface the skin. The Active type focuses on the superficial skin and the Deep type goes below the superficial skin layers. Most patients are able to receive treatment with these lasers, but there are exceptions. For example, those with a history of keloids or those who have taken isotretinoin recently might not be able to undergo this procedure.

This type of laser encourages elastic fiber and collagen production by creating microscopic channels. To reduce healing time, the channels are spaced out and the skin between them is left unaffected. It can take up to 18 months to see the final results, but some differences may be apparent immediately.

Patients should meet with their doctor to determine which option for laser acne scar removal in San Jose is best for them. While all work to alleviate the scarring, they do have their differences.

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