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Laser Fat Reduction in Silicon Valley


Contouring your body does not have to require extensive surgery.

Laser fat reduction in Silicon Valley is an option for those seeking a more non-invasive approach. Before scheduling an appointment, check out the facts to see if this procedure is a good choice.

Why It is Done

This procedure is done to treat specific areas of the body where small amounts of excess fat are present. This treatment can typically be used for people of all skin types. The following areas are most often treated:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Under the chin
  • Sides
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms

The purpose is to slim and contour the areas of the body that are not responding to traditional fat loss techniques, such as exercise and diet. However, it does not replace these methods.


Preparation and Candidacy

Before having laser fat reduction in Silicon Valley, patients want to prepare properly and ensure this is a good choice for them. This is typically reserved for those who are at a normal weight. Their general health should also be good. Since this is not invasive, preparation is typically minimal. Patients may be asked to not apply products, such as moisturizers, to the area being treated on the morning of their appointment. During the consultation, the doctor will let them know if anything additional needs to be done to ensure that the therapy goes as smoothly as possible.

The Procedure

Once the patient arrives at the clinic, the medical professional confirms the areas being treated and marks them. It is possible to treat more than one area at an appointment. Patients get comfortable, the applicator is put on and the treatment starts. It is possible to feel some tingling or warmth while the laser works, but this is usually not uncomfortable. Controlled heat is what reduces the subcutaneous fat. The cells break down due to the heat. Then, the body removes them naturally. To prevent skin damage, the equipment used also has a cooling component. Each area treated takes about 25 minutes.

Risks and Recovery

Since laser fat reduction in Silicon Valley is not invasive, the risks are minimal. It is possible to experience some tenderness, redness, and swelling. These are typically said to be minor and very temporary. Following a session, patients usually have no downtime. They can go back to work and their usual schedule without the need for rest. However, if the temporary tenderness is bothersome, a day of rest is a good idea.

On average, at the six-week mark, the results are starting to become noticeable. It is important to note that the results are not seen right after a session. Then, at about three months after the procedure, the full results are typically seen. One treatment is usually sufficient, but more may be needed depending on the patient’s goals.

Once a patient decides to have laser fat reduction in Silicon Valley, it is also important to ask questions and be informed about what to expect with this treatment.

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