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Laser Fat Removal in San Jose


Anyone with unwanted fat on the abdomen and sides, thighs, or upper arms may be interested in laser fat removal.

Laser technology has become an option for men and women hoping to reduce fatty tissues in certain areas on the body that seem to resist health and lifestyle changes.

Laser fat removal in San Jose is FDA-approved and provides one way to reach personal health and wellness goals.

Who Might be a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

Designed to resolve problem areas on people who are close to a healthy body weight, this procedure is a good fit for those who want to avoid invasive options, such as traditional liposuction. The chances for positive outcomes are higher for people who have attempted physical change through diet and exercise prior to seeking medical assistance and who are willing to continue such efforts following laser treatment.


What to Expect with Laser Fat Removal in San Jose

A consultation with a professional familiar with the latest techniques in nonsurgical fat reduction offers each patient the opportunity to discuss potential benefits as well as realistic expectations regarding results. Preparation for the procedure is typically minimal. On the day of treatment, the laser will be applied in order to target a specific area on the body. The fat cells will be heated to the point of destruction. Cooling measures are taken during the treatment to protect the surface of the skin, but some individuals may still experience a warm sensation while the laser is used.

Depending on the final outcome, some patients may want to opt for additional treatments in order to achieve desired results. The time between appointments also allows the surgeon to assess the progress of destroying fat and can better decide on approach for producing optimal results in future treatments.

What are the Benefits?

Many people are drawn to the fact that this non-invasive option allows them to avoid general anesthesia and usually has no downtime. Results can be noticed within 12 weeks of the procedure and tend to last unless weight gain occurs again. This gradual shift in appearance can be a positive aspect for anyone hoping to keep matters private. Scarring isn’t associated with laser fat removal in San Jose since there are no incisions needed. Similarly, any discomfort or pain is significantly less with laser fat removal than with invasive methods of medical fat reduction.

Following Treatment

Side effects are generally minimal, and normal activity is able to be resumed right away in most cases. It’s important for patients to recognize their part in maintaining the results. During the initial consultation, a discussion of diet, exercise, and other types of lifestyle changes can be addressed in order to prepare each person for the commitment needed for maintaining the results of laser fat removal.

Men and women have options when it comes to how they’re body looks. If laser fat removal in San Jose is a good fit for someone, then it could provide a noninvasive way to improve body image. This, in turn, can boost overall well-being.

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