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Laser Fat Removal in Silicon Valley


Laser fat removal, or laser lipolysis, is a non-invasive procedure that can reduce the amount of fat in a target area.

This technique uses fiber-optic lasers to heat subcutaneous fat without damaging any layers of skin. Fat cells tend to be more temperature sensitive and will therefore react to the heat. This heat will also cause the body to produce more collagen in the area, which will help the skin to appear more taut and youthful.

This technique is less invasive than traditional liposuction injections and can be used alone or in conjunction with liposuction. As more people are seeing results, more patients are becoming interested in laser fat removal in Silicon Valley.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Most clinicians will recommend lifestyle adjustments, such as dietary changes and exercise, as the first method of eliminating fat. However, this isn’t always enough to get the patient where they want or need to be with their weight. The concern may be primarily cosmetic but the truth is that extra body fat, especially on the trunk of the body, is associated with an increased risk of certain diseases. Therefore, if a patient has extra body fat, they should discuss laser fat removal treatment with their physician. Most people who are interested in laser fat removal in Silicon Valley are excellent candidates because it is non-invasive and carries minimal risk. However, people who are more than thirty percent overweight may need to lose a bit of weight before this treatment will be most effective. Also, people who have recently lost a lot of weight may not see results because the lasers don’t work as well on loose skin.


What to Expect

Prior to a treatment session for laser fat removal in Silicon Valley, the patient should have a discussion about their medical history and medications with the physician. The physician will then advise them of any activities or medications, especially blood thinners, to avoid prior to the session. This procedure isn’t done under general anesthesia, but local anesthesia is often used to make the process more comfortable. The laser is then applied to the fatty bulge, sometimes this is done through a small incision that allows the laser to be applied directly to the fat cells. Other times the laser is applied on the skin, in which case a protective gel will be applied to keep the skin from being damaged. These sessions usually take about thirty minutes and most people need a few sessions to achieve their optimal results. There is not usually any recovery time necessary with laser fat removal and the most common symptoms are redness and tenderness.

What Are the Benefits?

Various studies over several years have shown that this treatment does reduce body fat. Additionally, this surgery carries much less risk than surgical fat removal techniques. Another major advantage is that this fat removal is permanent as long as the patient sticks to the instructions provided by the physician. Overall, laser fat removal in Silicon Valley is safe, effective, and requires very little time commitment.

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