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Laser Hair Removal in San Jose


Results for laser hair removal tend to be long-term.

Laser hair removal in San Jose offers men and women the opportunity to stop undesirable shaving rituals or to impede growth in unwanted areas on the body, such as the back, armpits, or upper lip.

How to Prepare for the Appointment

An initial consultation for laser hair removal in San Jose is usually conducted in order to determine if the individual is a good candidate. Factors to consider include skin color and the amount of pigmentation in the hair follicles. After that, the first appointment can be scheduled. Some people may be advised to avoid sun exposure up to six weeks before the appointment and to stop plucking or waxing as well. The root of the hair is targeted throughout the procedure, and certain removal processes involve the elimination of the root.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

A laser is directed at individual hair follicles in the skin. This concentrated light is absorbed and converted into a heat that impairs the follicle’s ability to promote hair growth. The darker the hair color, the better the absorption of the laser into the follicle will be. As time goes on, the returning hair may change, becoming lighter or thinner. The hair might stop growing altogether in some cases after several treatments.

What to Expect During the Procedure

How long laser hair removal in San Jose will take depends on the area on the body being treated. The smaller the spot generally means the less time the process will take. For example, someone having the upper lip done will be finished in minutes, whereas someone having the legs treated could expect to be there for an hour. The process also might include the trimming of longer hair to a length more responsive to laser treatment.


The skin may be cooled or numbed during the procedure to protect it and to promote the positive outcome of the hair removal. The sensation the patient might experience will vary depending on the area of the body, skin, and interpretation of discomfort. Some describe it as feeling like pricks of a needle. Anyone who will be in the room will need to keep their eyes protected throughout the procedure.

Follow-Up Care

Immediately following laser hair removal in San Jose, a patient may go home with anti-inflammatory medications or advice on how to cool the treated area. As with the preparation process, it’s sometimes advised to avoid too much sun on the area that was exposed to the laser. Cool compresses and sunscreen are often recommended during the coming days and weeks after the procedure. Many people continue with treatments several times before achieving desired longer-term results. Subsequent appointments can usually be scheduled four to six weeks after the initial one.

Laser hair removal in San Jose can be a helpful aspect of personal care. It’s not unusual for women and men to grow tired of repeatedly addressing unwanted hair with shaving. The laser treatment provides the possibility of managing such problematic areas less frequently or not at all after several visits.

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