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Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal in Silicon Valley is popular for a number of reasons, including its convenience, affordability and cosmetic appeal.

Laser hair removal is an option for those seeking to remove body hair in a way that may delay regrowth more than shaving, waxing and epilating.

Before opting for this procedure, it is important to know the facts to determine if it is the best choice.

Why It is Done

Laser hair removal is performed to help people decrease unwanted body hair. It is commonly performed on the legs, upper lip, bikini line, armpits and chin. While anyone can utilize this procedure, it tends to work best on those with light skin and dark hair. This is because this combination makes it easiest for the dark hairs to absorb the light from the laser.

Preparing for the Procedure

It is important to follow all preparation instructions exactly for best results. During a consultation, the patient is evaluated, and specific instructions are provided to prepare the area where hair removal will be done. The following are common preparation instructions:

  • For six weeks prior to treatment, use broad-spectrum sunscreen and avoid sun exposure
  • For four weeks before treatment, avoid hair removal methods other than shaving
  • The day before, shave the area being treated
  • Do not darken the skin with artificial tanning products or actual tanning
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications

Exploring the Procedure

Most people need two to six treatments. How spaced apart they are will be determined by the professional performing the treatment.

Before treatment, a topical anesthetic may be applied to help keep the patient more comfortable. A cooling gel may also be used for comfort. During the procedure, a laser is focused on the treatment area to damage the hair follicles. It is possible to feel a pinprick-like sensation as the laser is working. How long it takes depends on the size of the treatment area.

Following a treatment, ice may be applied to alleviate discomfort. Make sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and avoid artificial and natural tanning for six weeks.

Risks and Results

For up to a few weeks after laser hair removal, the hairs will shed. They do not immediately fall out as the laser is being used. Because of this, it can seem like hair is continuing to grow, but it is not. Since hair loss and growth naturally happen in a cycle, most people require several treatments to see results. When hair follicles are in the stage of new growth is when this treatment tends to work best.

Results cannot be predicted, and they vary significantly. For some people, the results can last for years, while for others, they last several months. There is no guarantee of permanent results and people may need maintenance treatments to maintain results long-term. Now, when hair does regrow, it tends to be lighter in color and finer.

Common side effects of laser hair removal include pigment changes and skin irritation. Both are usually temporary. While rare, it is possible to experience blistering and scarring.

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