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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction in Silicon Valley


Target problem areas without the need for surgery.

Those seeking non-invasive fat reduction in Silicon Valley want to explore the options that are available to them. Knowing what the options are and some basic information on them makes it easier to determine which may help patients to meet their body goals.

Meeting with a medical professional to discuss your overall goals and expectations is the ideal place to start.


With this procedure, reducing fat pockets and dismantling fat cells are accomplished with extreme cold. Fat cells are frozen, but the muscles, skin, and nerves in the area are not since they require lower temperatures to freeze when compared to fat. This can be used on most parts of the body. One to two treatments are typically needed. With proper weight maintenance, results are usually permanent.

Laser Fat Reduction

This type of non-invasive fat reduction in Silicon Valley uses controlled heat to dismantle fat. Via the skin, a very specific laser wavelength is passed, heating the fatty tissues. To prevent skin damage during treatment, a constant cooling mechanism is used. While this can be used on various areas of the body, it is FDA-approved for the flanks and abdomen. It can take up to 12 weeks to realize the final results. As long as the patient maintains their weight, the results should last.


Injectable Treatments

The body has a naturally occurring substance referred to as deoxycholic acid that works during the digestive process to break down fat. There is an injectable form of this substance that can be used to reduce fat pockets that are isolated. These injectables are commonly used for the chin area to reduce a double chin. In most cases, two to four treatments are needed.


Ultrasound is another technique for non-invasive fat reduction in Silicon Valley that breaks down the walls of fat cells via the use of highly focused sonic waves. The fat inside the cells is then released and the body metabolizes it. The targeted fat deposit reduces in size as a result. The energy from the ultrasound is able to transmit through the skin. The targeted cells experience a rapid change in pressure, but the surrounding tissues are not damaged by the process.

The cells that are destroyed with ultrasound do not grow back. With proper weight maintenance, patients are able to maintain their results. In general, patients require one to three treatments.

Red Light Therapy

This is a relatively new technology that the FDA has approved for the purpose of reducing fat without the need for surgery. It works by reducing subcutaneous fat cell volume. It does not destroy them like other non-invasive techniques. A specialized lamp is used to send wavelengths of light to the areas being treated. This triggers small openings in the targeted fat cells. They shrink in size due to them releasing some of their contents.

As long as patients maintain a healthy weight, they can maintain their results. To achieve their goals, most people have a minimum of three treatments of non-invasive fat reduction in Silicon Valley.

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