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Skin Resurfacing Treatments in Silicon Valley


Life has a way of taking a toll on skin over time.

Whether the problem stems from too much sun or is the result of aging, some men and women may want to combat signs of aging and take steps to improve the feel and appearance of their bodies.

For these patients, skin resurfacing treatments in Silicon Valley can be an optimal choice.

What to Expect

Depending on individual need, there are a few ways to approach the management of skin irregularities. What can be anticipated depends on the type of method that will be used to treat the skin condition as well as the particular problem being addressed. A consultation provides the opportunity for the clinician and patient to work together to discuss at length the potential benefits of treatment, any risks involved, and what options seem to be the most appropriate for each circumstance. Skin resurfacing treatments in Silicon Valley might include:

Laser resurfacing:

  • Mechanical ablation
  • Dermaplaning
  • Microneedling

If it’s determined that resurfacing might be a reasonable option for addressing a skin irregularity, then patients should be proactive in achieving the positive outcomes they want. It’s generally indicated that smoking should be avoided a couple weeks prior to the first appointment. It might also be suggested to temporarily stop any medications that could affect the body’s ability to heal normally. Preventative medications, such as antivirals or antibiotics, are sometimes prescribed beforehand depending on individual risk factors and how some people respond to various medical techniques.

Who Could Benefit from Treatment?

Skin resurfacing treatments in Silicon Valley are designed to improve the appearance of the skin. Signs of aging, such as wrinkles or crow’s feet, or other types of fine lines caused by heredity are common concerns being addressed with such treatments. Cases involving acne scars, age spots, or spider veins could also respond well to certain procedures. Approaches may offer solutions to people with pigmentation issues, pitted and scarred areas, or freckles. Consultations should include in-depth discussions regarding overall skin type as well as the presence of particular problems, such as active acne or cold sores, in order to determine candidacy.

Following Skin Resurfacing Treatments in Silicon Valley

Each patient needs to realize that no cosmetic procedure comes without a commitment to good health and positive lifestyle practices. In order to make the desired results last, effort must be placed on avoiding re-damaging the skin. It could be advised to avoid excessive sun exposure without sunscreen, for example. Smoking is also a known contributor to damaged skin and can delay the healing process. Avoiding the habit for at least two weeks after or stopping altogether could promote longer-lasting results in many cases. Tending to the treated area can help to avoid infection or scabs from developing. Itching, redness, or swelling may be noticed. It’s important to adhere to the recommended care to promote healthy healing following any treatment.

The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it’s the most visible. Therefore, it’s understandable that some men and women may want to put effort into minimizing signs of aging or improving certain areas. Skin resurfacing treatments in Silicon Valley could provide the solutions to reclaiming a fresher, more youthful look. Such results are designed to promote improved well-being and encourage positive body image.

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